Annual Reports

2015 Annual Report   Click on highlighted text and some images to link to more information.

Prior-year reports

Since its founding in 2003, the Alliance for Housing Solutions has—

  • Earned a reputation as a leading, respected source of accurate information, counsel, and policy initiatives on affordable housing issues
  • Served as a highly visible public educator and successful advocate for increased affordable housing
  • Worked to secure funding to preserve and renovate older affordable apartments and to construct new affordable units
  • Held forums for housing professionals, community leaders, the faith community, and the general public to promote knowledge about affordable housing
  • Conducted policy research to develop new approaches to increasing the quantity and quality of affordable housing in Arlington and urges adoption of these approaches
  • Encouraged its network of sponsors and supporters to advocate on affordable housing issues
  • Recognized, through its annual Ellen M. Bozman award, significant affordable housing accomplishments in Arlington
  • Collaborated on regional approaches to affordable housing issues