Graduate Studies in Affordable Housing

The Alliance for Housing Solutions convenes an annual public education forum on affordable housing, named for longtime Arlington affordable housing advocate Thomas P. Leckey. These forums have provided a wealth of information—and grist for discussion—on challenges and best practices, innovations and initiatives, and research results in the field. AHS has itself sponsored research to better understand affordable housing issues.

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Education forums

Mixed-Income Housing: Like It, but It’s Complicated, 2015 special Affordable Housing Month Event

[Updated] Nuts & Bolts of Affordable Housing, 2015 Leckey Forum

Aging in Our Neighborhoods: Options for Low- and Moderate-Income Seniors, 2014 Leckey Forum

Building Support for Affordable Communities: Focusing the Message and Expanding the Base, 2013 Leckey Forum

Housing a Diverse and Sustainable Community: The Challenges of Density, Dollars, and Public Support, 2012 Leckey Forum

Bricks and Books: Why Affordable Housing Is Good for Students and Schools. Materials, 2011 Leckey Forum

Increasing Local Revenues for Affordable Housing. Highlights/materials, 2010 Leckey Forum

Preserving and Building Affordable Housing in High-Cost Communities. Highlights/materials, 2009 Leckey Forum

Expanding Options for Affordable Housing. Summary of proceedings, 2008 Leckey Forum

Faith in Action. 2008 Faith Community Forum (transcript): How area faith communities provide public and financial support for affordable housing and even produce affordable units

Affordable Housing in Our Neighborhoods. Summary of proceedings, 2007 Leckey Forum

AHS-sponsored research and analysis

Case Studies in Affordability for Households at Moderate- and Lower-Income Levels, Dr. Lisa A. Sturtevant, Vice President for Research, National Housing Conference, October 2013  download powerpoint file here or link to printable handouts

Market Rate Affordable Rental Housing in Arlington County: Analysis and Recommendations Based on a Property Owner Survey, Lisa Fowler, October 2007  download pdf file here or view in google docs

Policies and Programs To Preserve Affordable Housing: A Review of Incentives and Recommendations for Northern Virginia, Lisa Fowler, September 2006  download pdf file here or view in google docs