Arlington for Everyone

Laying the Groundwork for a Diverse and Inclusive Community

In the half decade since AHS launched its public education campaign about preserving and creating affordable housing in Arlington, many, many Arlington residents have lent their support and much has been accomplished.

The County assembled a citizen Working Group; completed a three-year Affordable Housing Study; and drafted, reviewed, and adopted (in a unanimous County Board vote) an Affordable Housing Master Plan with widespread participation, input, and comment from Arlington residents; and recently published Investing in Our Community, its first (FY2016) progress report.

Many more Arlington residents today understand the importance of affordable housing to keeping Arlington diverse and its economy vital and sustainable. But while Investing in Our Community indicates progress in preserving and creating affordable housing, it also demonstrates the need for a renewed dedication to the idea of Arlington for Everyone, not only in terms of civic participation and support but also a commitment to providing the level of resources needed to move affordable housing forward.