County Board Candidates Respond to Housing Questions

AHS has a tradition of asking candidates for the Arlington County Board to answer a set of questions related to affordable housing. We post candidate answers in full on our website and publicize them through local media and social media channels. Because we do not support individual political candidates, AHS does not evaluate or rate these responses.

This year, AHS posed the following questions to John Vihstadt and Matt de Ferranti, the two candidates competing for the County Board on November 6:

1.       The Arlington County Board unanimously adopted an Affordable Housing Master Plan (AHMP) in 2015. Which objectives or tools from the AHMP should Arlington increase its focus on over the next few years?

2.       What should be done to ensure that the Affordable Housing Investment Fund (AHIF) is funded adequately to help meet the goals of the Affordable Housing Master Plan?  Do you believe the County should increase its annual contribution to the fund?

3.       What kinds of other new ideas or innovative approaches could the County pursue to address the housing affordability crisis in our area?

Each candidate’s responses to these questions are provided at the link below in their entirety.

Read the full responses from John Vihstadt and Matt de Ferranti.

For more information on the candidates and the election please see