Arlington for Everyone

Five Ways Housing Affordability Affects Local Businesses

 Five Ways Housing Affordability Affects Local Businesses

Like bridges and roads, affordable housing is an investment in a community’s infrastructure. Along with numerous social benefits, housing affordability supports diverse jobs and wage levels and also attracts and retains workers – critical to a community’s long-term economic success.

Housing Segregation: A Vestige of the Past?

The Fair Housing Act was passed fifty years ago, yet America’s neighborhoods remain deeply segregated along racial lines. Author Richard Rothstein argues that this divide is the direct result of government policies, some of which are relegated to the past and others that are still in place today.

AHS Presents Arlington for Everyone Volunteer Training

Do you want to help keep Arlington a diverse and inclusive community? At AHS we do! In the spirit of the importance of affordable housing, we offered a training about the Arlington for Everyone campaign for this year’s MLK Day of Service on January 15th. The campaign is designed to spark a community dialogue about the importance of housing affordability and housing options for the future of Arlington.