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Equity & Affordability: 2019 Leckey Forum Videos

Andrea Brennan, housing policy and development director for the Minneapolis, spoke at the Alliance For Housing Solutions’ annual Leckey Forum about how her city recently upended many of its housing regulations to make way for affordability and, most importantly, equity.

Will Arlington Open its Doors to Smaller Homes?

Will Arlington Open its Doors to Smaller Homes?

One of the biggest drivers of cost for housing is size, and when it comes to single-family homes, square footage has been on the rise nationwide for decades. If larger sizes drive up costs, then smaller sizes could help reduce them, potentially producing more affordable or moderately-priced options for people in our community. Smaller housing options such as tiny homes, cottage housing, and detached accessory dwellings are one part of the vital missing middle housing.

Leckey Forum 2016: Finding the Missing Middle

Event Recap


Is it time to focus on how Arlington's housing market works for its middle-income population?

What can design, and financial and regulatory initiatives do to better serve downsizing seniors, young people, growing families, and newcomers to the community experiencing sticker shock?

AHS convened experts and community members at the Clarendon Ballroom on Thursday, October 13, 2016.

Daniel Parolek of Opticos Design provided an inspiring keynote defining Missing Middle Housing (link to the video or slidepresentation), and we heard from panelists on planning/zoning and financial considerations (see video at Making Room for Missing Middle Housing and Making the Numbers Work).

Speakers (see program for bios):

  • Erik Gutshall, Clarendon Home Services, and Arlington Planning Commission

  • Bob Brosnan, Catholic University

  • Scott Matties, Cunningham | Quill Architects

  • Lisa Nisenson, GreaterPlaces

  • Robert Burns, City First Enterprises, and Grounded Solutions Network

  • Richard Donohoe, Fidelity Bank Mortgage

  • Steven Cover, Arlington Community Planning, Housing, and Development

  • Noemi Riveira, Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia

  • David DeCamp, D2 Partners, LLC

  • Michael Geary, Geary-O'Hara Family Foundation

Guests were treated to a preview of our missing middle design gallery.

Learn more about Missing Middle Housing.