Northern Virginia CLT Working Group

Who we are

The Northern Virginia Community Land Trust (CLT) Working Group comprises neighborhood representatives, community advocates, and affordable housing practitioners who are exploring the viability of a CLT in Northern Virginia. 

What is a CLT?

According to The Next System Project:

CLTs are nonprofit organizations that acquire and steward land in a “trust” for the permanent benefit of low-income communities.”   CLTs can expand affordable housing opportunities, low- and moderate-income homeownership, household wealth generation, and equitable development.  Through nonprofit ownership of the land, CLTs can be used to establish permanent affordability.

For more information on CLTs, watch this short video:


What do we hope to achieve in Northern Virginia?

In Northern Virginia, the price of land puts homeownership out of reach of many community members.  The Working Group believes that, by taking land largely out of the equation, a CLT can overcome barriers to affordable housing, homeownership and wealth creation. 

The Working Group will ascertain the feasibility of creating and operating a regional CLT to expand affordable homeownership opportunities and meet other community goals.  If a CLT is determined to be feasible, the group will explore initial steps in establishing and launching a formal initiative or entity.

Want to learn more or get involved?

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