2013 County budget lives up to the vision

Arlington will be a diverse and inclusive world-class urban community with secure, attractive residential and commercial neighborhoods where people unite to form a caring, learning, participating, sustainable community in which each person is important. This is our County’s vision statement, and we can report that the FY 2013 budget lives up to it.

AHS united with a variety of human services providers to advocate successfully for adequate funding for important safety net programs. We supported a real estate tax increase of up to 2 cents to pay for these programs. In the end, the Board adopted a 1.3-cent increase. The Board was especially strong in its support of housing programs, including an additional $2.8 million in one-time funding to the Affordable Housing Investment Fund (AHIF). The Board also added $2.2 million in one-time funding to the Housing Grants Program, a rental subsidy program for older adults, people with disabilities, and working families with children.

For complete FY2013 budget info, link here.

We say “thank you” to the County Board and encourage you to do likewise.