Charlie Rinker recipient of the 3rd annual Ellen M. Bozman Award

AHS was pleased to present longtime housing advocate Charles “Charlie” Rinker with its 3rd Annual Ellen M. Bozman Affordable Housing Award on December 11, 2011. Mr. Rinker was celebrated by a crowd of 115 honoring his contributions to affordable housing in Arlington. In accepting the award, Mr. Rinker said,

I hope that others of you . . . will consider yourselves a part of this honor, because surely you are. Many of you share with me the blessing of having our eyes opened to see the world from the bottom up; and of understanding that persistence and imagination are the hallmarks of social change.

We invite you to read Mr. Rinker's complete remarks.

A leader in local efforts to make housing available in Arlington to households across the income spectrum, Mr. Rinker advocated, put forward policy initiatives, founded and bolstered organizations, and recruited others to help—leaving an "indelible mark" on Arlington’s affordable housing efforts. (Link to the press release announcing the award.)

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