Just the Facts---A source book

Advocacy booklet cover Just the Facts: An Affordable Housing Source Book for Arlington VA makes the case for more affordable housing in Arlington in a compact (5 1/2 x 8 1/2-inch) format through pictures, charts and graphs, and concise, clear-language presentations of basic terms and concepts.

Make a copy to carry with you as a handy flip book when you talk with others about housing. (Link to the printer-spread version, which you can copy two-sided, head-to-foot on regular copy paper,  fold, and center-staple. Copies clearly in black and white as well as color.)

Or just scroll through the reader-view version online . . . which you can also print in color or black and white and use without folding.

Appendix 5 note: Since we printed Just the Facts, County staff have streamlined web addresses for several resources we listed. New addresses generally begin with housing.arlingtonva.us. Complete addresses are in the attached update.

Want to adapt this booklet for your community or organization? We'll be happy to talk to you about support AHS might provide. Click here to contact us about adapting the booklet.


AHS thanks Capital One Bank for its generous support for this resource book.