FY2013 budget and tax rate hearings

Hey Arlington Individuals and Organizations---It’s time to focus and get ready for the FY2013 Budget and Tax Rate Hearings which will be held on March 20 and 22. Like many other groups, AHS is reviewing targeted budget categories (in our case, housing- and human services-related) to establish positions which will inform our testimony on those two nights. In her proposed message, County Manager Barbara Donnellan recommends a ½-cent real estate tax increase. The Arlington County Board voted unanimously to advertise a 2-cent property tax rate increase (97.8 cents per $100 of assessed value). The advertised rate is the upper limit of any tax increase.

While increased assessments, especially commercial assessments, bring extra revenue to the table, several housing-related programs, for example, are projected to be underfunded.

The budget is reader-friendly. Some key links---

County staff has done an excellent job providing timely information. Now it’s our turn to get at it.