Homeless Population Rising in Arlington

A recent Arlington Connection story reported on A-SPAN’s (Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network) “Point-in-Time Count,” conducted on Wednesday, January 26, 2011. The results of the count have not been released, but we know that, in 2010, the count recorded 531 homeless persons in Arlington County, a 30-percent increase since 2008; of those, 347 (65 percent) were single adults, while 184 (35 percent) were in families. A full 80 percent of those single adults were unsheltered.  This January’s count happened over a period of bad weather and is not expected to be as accurate as last year’s. I spoke with A-SPAN Executive Director, Kathy Sibert, who reports anecdotally that demand for A-SPAN services continues to rise.

The Arlington County Emergency Winter Shelter (EWS), which A-SPAN operates from November 1--March 31, averages 65--70 people per night---an example of need in our community of  “plenty.”

For more information about the count and services for the homeless offered by A-SPAN and its volunteers, visit the A-SPAN website and read the article.