Losing: Affordable Housing and Diversity?

Last week's Washington Post reported that "Soaring numbers of Hispanics and Asians pushed Virginia's population over 8 million in the past decade, transforming the state into a far more diverse place, according to census figures [released last week]". But not in Arlington. In a sidebar piece, the Post noted: "In marked contrast to the rest of Virginia, Arlington County's Hispanic population dropped by double-digits in the past decade even as the county's total population continued to grow."

While there may be more than one reason for this shift, it's not hard to agree with Arlington County Board member Walter Tejada who pointed to housing affordability.

"We're sort of victims of our own success," he said to the Post and added that Arlington's highly ranked schools, low crime, and good transportation options attract wealthier residents and drive rents up. All of those factors "would prompt people with low incomes to look for somewhere else."

The Post story reports that the Hispanic population fell by 11 percent to 31,000, compared to the 53-percent increase in Hispanics moving into the county between 1990 and 2000.

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