"Missing middle" housing gallery

AHS's Missing Middle Housing Gallery has completed its initial "tour" of Arlington---from the Clarendon Ballroom (for the 2016 Leckey Forum) to the Arlington Mill and Langston Brown Community Centers, and finally, the lobby of the Arlington County building in late November--December 2016. Special thanks to the Geary--O'Hara Family Foundation, Arlington County's Community Planning, Housing and Development Division, and the Lee Highway Alliance for supporting and assisting these events.

You can now browse the gallery below. Click on the intro panel images for printable versions and on any "missing middle" thumbnail mage for a larger view showing plans or other details. (For more on the "missing middle" concept, see Daniel Parolek's keynote and slide presentation.)

Please respect that the designs displayed in this gallery are covered by copyright. They are used here by AHS with permission. Link here for contact information for all of the designs on display. (Link to printable versions of introductory panel 1 and panel 2 just below.)