Reach for it: Ambition is good!

It's an ambitious project, but why not reach for it---and reduce chronic homelessness in Arlington by 50 percent by July 2013? Arlington’s upcoming 100 Homes Campaign is part of the national 100,000 Homes effort to move the most vulnerable homeless off the streets and into housing.

“Registry week” is fast approaching. From October 16 to 21, 2011, volunteers will work in teams to identify every homeless person in Arlington. The information goes into a “vulnerability index” identifying those most likely to die on the street. According to the County’s website, those most vulnerable will then be moved into permanent housing and will receive supportive services.

This won’t be easy, but it starts with the registry. Help is needed. Yes, it means getting up early, but on Tuesday, October 18, starting @ 3 a.m., I’ll serve you coffee.

For details and to sign up, link here.