Transportation as a civil right

The Leadership Conference Educational Fund, a sister organization of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, has published Where We Need to Go: A Civil Rights Roadmap for Transportation Equity, the first of what the Fund says will be a series of reports regarding transportation. The Educational Fund says that “(A)ccess to affordable and reliable transportation widens opportunity and is essential to addressing poverty, unemployment, and other equal opportunity goals such as access to good schools and health care services . . . . Providing equal access to transportation means providing all individuals living in the United States with an equal opportunity to succeed.” Given its small size and superior public transportation network, Arlington would seem to be outside the major concerns raised in the report. But perhaps the issue here is not lack of access, but lack of fair access. In other words, residents of virtually all corners of Arlington have access to good public transit, but who has a fair opportunity to be a resident in the first place?

Link to the one-page summary or the full report.