Housing for a Diverse and Sustainable Community

CITY PEOPLE 2.1Since 2012, AHS has been engaged in a public education campaign about preserving and creating* affordable housing. With our partners, we’ve talked to people across the County and find most agree that housing affordability is critical to keeping Arlington diverse and sustainable. Arlington is a leader in creating the “great spaces” that bring a valuable housing mix—and so much more—to our community.

hex_updtIf you’re new to the issue—

Link to Arlington County’s brochure on why housing affordability is important to our community.

Flip through AHS’s Just the Facts: An Affordable Housing Source Book.

Invite AHS to present a more detailed look at the subject—to your neighborhood or civic association, congregation, or other group.

Learn on your own through our resource page.

Learn more about the scope of the challenge and tools and strategies being considered—

Bring yourself up-to-date on Arlington’s Affordable Housing Study. Review the needs analysis. The County Board will consider Housing Study Task Force recommendations in July 2015.

Link to highlights and presentations from AHS’s annual affordable housing forum and new JACKtalk series to learn more about current and critical issues.

We appreciate the support provided to our public education campaign efforts by—





*Important note: AHS was set up to help with the longterm effort to build and preserve affordable housing. Looking for affordable housing or housing assistance now? Please visit the Arlington County Housing page.