Housing for a Diverse and Sustainable Community

Since 2012, AHS has been engaged in a public education campaign about preserving and creating* affordable housing. With our partners, we’ve talked to people across the County and find most agree that housing affordability is critical to keeping Arlington diverse and sustainable. Arlington is a leader in creating the “great spaces” that bring a valuable housing mix—and so much more—to our community.

If you’re new to the issue of housing affordability, start with our resource page.

Then learn more about the two housing policy documents that the Arlington County Board adopted in September 2015. The Affordable Housing Master Plan (the goals) and Implementation Framework (staff guidance regarding tools) reflect widespread community input and provide a foundation for housing decisions over the next decade and beyond.

Lots more to think about. Explore this website for more on housing affordability and sustainable communities. Link to highlights and presentations from AHS’s annual affordable housing forum and JACKtalk series. Follow us on Twitter (or follow the feed in the column to the right). And sign up to receive updates and learn about upcoming events via email.

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*Important note: AHS was set up to help with the long-term effort to build and preserve affordable housing. Looking for affordable housing or housing assistance now? Please visit the Arlington County Housing page.