APS Parent Coffee Event

Thursday, February 22 at 10:00 am

The topic of diversity in schools, classrooms, and staffing have been on the minds of Arlington Public School parents. At AHS we believe that housing plays a significant role in our community’s diversity and the ability of Arlington Public Schools to attract and retain employees. We would like to invite you to have coffee with […] more

Housing for a Diverse and Sustainable Community

The Alliance for Housing Solutions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to increase the supply of affordable housing* in Arlington County and Northern Virginia through public education, facilitation, and action.

AHS was created in 2003 by civic leaders motivated by the belief that Arlington was rapidly becoming a community in which only affluent families could afford to live. Since then, housing costs in our area have continued to escalate for both renters and owners, and the stock of housing affordable to low- and middle-income households have continued to decline. Our work is more important than ever.

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Find out more about our Mission, Beliefs, and Goals and check out our Affordable Housing 101 Resources to learn why affordable housing is critical to the success of our community.

Learn more about our recent work that drives the AHS mission:

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All are invited to attend one of our upcoming educational events to continue learning about housing issues in our community. To engage more deeply, consider participating in our monthly HousingArlington coalition meetings.

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* Looking for affordable housing or housing assistance now? Please visit the Arlington County Housing page.